Oral language development

4C) Repeat and expand children’s talk

Repeat and elaborate/expand on children’s talk in each language, with adjectives, adverbs, clauses, etc. that are related to the topic the child is discussing.

Blog: Creating an Equitable Learning Environment for English Language Learners Through Being a Reader (Part 2)

This blog offers one example of how to engage Multilingual Learners prior to reading a shared text. Example prompts and instructional moves are shared to build background, preview the text, and establish language supports for text discussion.
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Strategy Overview: Talk Moves

This resource offers specific teacher language to use in order to facilitate and structure classroom discussions. These talk moves help create quality opportunities for Multilingual Learners to practice and use oral language.
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Strategy Overview: Routines for Mathematical Discussions

This document reviews multiple strategies that teachers can use to support a rich discussion of mathematics for Multilingual Learners. These strategies help teachers elicit talk and elaborate on student discussion during math, and can be adapted for other content areas as well.
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Website: Teacher Interactions and Strategies to Support Speaking for Dual Language Learners

This resource provides a list of strategies that teachers can use to support Multilingual Learners’ speaking skills. For example: Repeating and elaborating on children’s talk, reinforcing words from the unit of study, using visual cues and gestures, and providing MLs with more time to process speech.
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Website Article: Extending English Language Learners’ Classroom Interactions

This article introduces specific teacher language that can be used to promote interaction and extend opportunities for Multilingual Learners to practice academic language.
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Website Article: Many Languages, One Classroom

This article offers explicit strategies for teachers who have language-diverse classrooms. Ideas are offered on how to partner with families and set up a culturally and linguistically responsive classroom environment.
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Video: Dialogic Reading Strategy- 2nd grade

The teacher demonstrates how multiple interactive reads of a key content-based text supports the literacy, oral language, and vocabulary development of the Multilingual Learners in the class. She explains academic and content-specific words and structures opportunities for students to elaborate on their thinking.
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Strategy Overview: Sentence Patterning Chart/La tabla de formación de oraciones

This resource introduces a strategy to model and write good descriptive sentences with Multilingual Learners. It combines language-based supports with opportunities for children to practice academic vocabulary and apply it to structured, content-based writing.
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Video: Complex Oral Language

This video emphasizes the importance of immersing Multilingual Learners in an environment with high-quality and extended talk in each language. Teachers can ask questions to elicit complex oral language from children.
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