Social-emotional health and development

2B) Group learning roles

Help ML children integrate in group learning settings by providing opportunities to have a role in small and large groups.

Video: A Study of the Play of Dual Language Learners in an English-Speaking Classroom

This video considers the teacher-assisted supports and interactions that Multilingual Learners often need to develop social and emotional skills in English-dominant preschools.
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Website Article: Adapting Morning Meeting Greeting for English Learners

Morning meetings are a common part of the instructional day. This article offers strategies on how to make Multilingual Learners feel welcome and included, along with activity ideas that draw on students' linguistic diversity.
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Video: Tips for Teaching Newcomers

This video introduces instructional tips that elementary teachers can use to support instruction for newcomer Multilingual Learners, including visuals, gradual release, shared writing, and recognizing what students are bringing to their learning.
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Website Article: Cooperative Learning Strategies

This article introduces many different ideas and structures to help a teacher define group learning roles. This provides Multilingual Learners with opportunities to work with peers and build both content and social language skills.
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Video: Integrated & Designated ELD- Kindergarten

In this integrated ELD video, the teacher focuses on developing the academic English language that Multilingual Learners need to access content instruction. She uses chants, repetition, small group instruction, and numerous other supports.
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Strategy Overview: Collaborative Practice

This set of resources guides teachers in developing the structures and supports that learners need to engage in effective group work. This thoughtful setup can enable Multilingual Learners to engage in positive social and academic interactions with peers.
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