Additional ELD strategies

8F) Longer wait times

Permit ML children longer wait times to allow them to process speech.

Blog: Adjusting Our Talk with ELLs

This blog post offers specific instructional moves the teacher can make to ensure that Multilingual Learners understand spoken language in the classroom.
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Tip Sheet: Supporting English Language Development When Children Have Little Experience with English

This resource provides several ways that teachers can support Multilingual Learners (MLs) in their English language development, even if teachers do not speak the learner's home language. Strategies include modeling English in one-on-one conversations, waiting for MLs to process language, and using a mix of closed- and open-ended questions.
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Video: Engaging Kindergartners with Academic Vocabulary

In this video, the teacher encourages kindergartners to listen for and use academic vocabulary to practice oral language fluency. The teacher uses a variety of strategies including chants, choral response, partner discussion, and extended wait time.
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Blog: Resources on the Idea of “Wait Time”

This is a collection of resources that explain why wait time is so critical for Multilingual Learners. Teachers can use strategies to increase wait time in order to allow more thinking time and increase the quality of student responses.
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Website: Teacher Interactions and Strategies to Support Speaking for Dual Language Learners

This resource provides a list of strategies that teachers can use to support Multilingual Learners’ speaking skills. For example: Repeating and elaborating on children’s talk, reinforcing words from the unit of study, using visual cues and gestures, and providing MLs with more time to process speech.
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