10A) Co-create learning goals

Co-create language and content learning goals for children with co-teachers and parents.

Video: Assessment of Dual Language Learners

This video helps educators answer the question: "What do I need to consider when assessing Multilingual Learners?" The goal of assessment is to understand what the child knows; for ML children, educators need to consider all of the languages that the child speaks to fully assess their development and learning.
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Video: Relationships, Strategies & Culture

The focus of this video is to exemplify how purposeful oral language interactions contribute to a positive relationship with both children and families in early education. The teacher in this video "reaches across the language divide" to ensure both the child and parents know that the home language is respected and valued.
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Blog: Should Multimodalities be Incorporated into Testing and Assessment?

This blog introduces research that challenges the idea of written text as the mode of communication for comprehending written language and assessing Multilingual Learners. Suggestions for alternative assessment, attending to all domains of English, are offered.
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Video: Using an ELD Portfolio to Guide Instruction and Monitor Progress

In this video, a first-grade teacher talks through her thinking as she uses an ELD portfolio for Multilingual Learners in her class. She discusses how a portfolio helps guide her instruction and determine language supports for students.
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Video: Model Curriculum for English Learners- How Do I Feel? (Kindergarten)

In this video, a designated teacher for Multilingual Learners talks through her objectives for a read-aloud lesson. She builds in practice opportunities for the students to use the language of feelings, the language of sequence, and specific use of pronouns. She also uses instructional tools like graphic organizers and an end-of-unit rubric to support student experiences in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English. A link to the whole unit plan is available on the video's YouTube page.
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Website: Assessing when a Child’s Language is Not Spoken in the Classroom

This resource provides guidance on assessing Multilingual Learners’ language abilities when teachers do not speak the child’s home language. Recommendations include partnering with families to co-create goals and finding interpreters to help conduct assessments.
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Strategy Overview: Family-Centered Goal Setting

This guide breaks down how to set simple, targeted, short-term learning goals in partnership with families. By engaging families in developing learning goals, teachers ensure that the goals are rooted in a shared understanding of the whole child, and prepare families to support their children in working toward their goals.
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