10D) Summative assessments

Use summative assessment tools (e.g., a standardized tool that measures a specific skill) to determine if children are adequately learning content being taught and progressing in language development.

Video: Preschool for ELLs – Language Learning and Assessment

In this video interview, researcher Rebecca Palacios shares her extensive experience supporting Multilingual Learners with language learning and assessment in dual language preschool.
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Video: Summative Assessments

This video explains summative assessments: a way to "evaluate learning by providing cumulative snapshots" that help teachers understand and evaluate children's learning. The data from summative assessments should come from a variety of sources and should also provide key information for intentionally providing individualized support.
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Online Module: Assessment of Students’ Academic and Language Skills

Initial and ongoing assessments in both the home language(s) and English are critical to determine instruction for Multilingual Learners and understand the full range of their skills. This page on the assessment of diverse learners is part of a larger set of online learning modules.
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Webinar: Measuring What All Children Can Do in All Languages

In this webinar, presenters discuss the trajectory of bilingual development and important considerations for assessing Multilingual Learners. The webinar provides guidance around using a variety of formative assessment tools, using summative assessment, and assessing children in their home language.
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Strategy Overview: Performance-based Assessment

Both formative and summative assessments are critical to understanding the language development and content learning of Multilingual Learners. This document offers a variety of instructional ideas for all types of assessment tasks.
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