10F) Second language acquisition

Make an effort to study and understand the process of second language acquisition to help assess and monitor language development to determine if ML children are making appropriate progress

Podcast: High Quality Instructional Materials as Equity for English Learners

This podcast covers some of the systematic issues in schools that keep Multilingual learners from adequately progressing. The discussion then shifts to specific supports and considerations for curriculum design that make grade-level content accessible for all learners.
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Video: Relationships, Strategies & Culture

The focus of this video is to exemplify how purposeful oral language interactions contribute to a positive relationship with both children and families in early education. The teacher in this video "reaches across the language divide" to ensure both the child and parents know that the home language is respected and valued.
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Video: The Stages of Preschool Second Language Acquisition

In this video, the term the four stages of second language development for early education are described and then exemplified through teaching vignettes between one teacher and one Korean-speaking Multilingual Learner.
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Blog: Should Multimodalities be Incorporated into Testing and Assessment?

This blog introduces research that challenges the idea of written text as the mode of communication for comprehending written language and assessing Multilingual Learners. Suggestions for alternative assessment, attending to all domains of English, are offered.
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Video: Assessment for English Learners

Teachers at an immersion school in Arlington, VA discuss how they use iterative assessment cycles to inform their instruction.
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Video: Using an ELD Portfolio to Guide Instruction and Monitor Progress

In this video, a first-grade teacher talks through her thinking as she uses an ELD portfolio for Multilingual Learners in her class. She discusses how a portfolio helps guide her instruction and determine language supports for students.
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Blog: More Meaningful Assessment for DLLs

This blog offers a quick overview of why assessment is so critical for instruction with Multilingual Learners, including assessment in the home language(s) and understanding of language development. This resource is full of other relevant links.
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Article: Assessing Young Dual Language Learners

This article introduces ideas for formative assessment, as well as key questions for teachers to ask themselves when assessing Multilingual Learners. The third page of the article offers five practical ways that teachers can develop their own assessment skills.
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Website Article: Young Dual Language Learners-Screening and Assessment

The objective of this article and accompanying video is to focus on Multilingual Learners and "understand some of the unique considerations that educators must keep in mind when screening and assessing."
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