Content learning

9B) Preview content in home language

Preview and review learning material (e.g., books, vocabulary, etc.) in the home language, before teaching that material in English.

Website: SALSA Spanish Language Series

This is a collection of 30 episodes of puppet-based Spanish language programming for children. Each episode is roughly 20 minutes long and comes with supporting materials and vocabulary lists.
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Video: Model Curriculum for English Learners – Weathering and Erosion (3rd grade)

A multilingual teacher uses numerous supports in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to develop the content understandings of beginner Multilingual Learners.
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Strategy Overview: Translanguaging

This resource offers guidelines on the various ways teachers can implement translanguaging in the classroom.
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Video: Model Curriculum for English Learners- Justice, Courage and Fairness (2nd grade)

In this video, a designated teacher for Multilingual Learners talks through her objectives for a fairness and justice lesson. The bridge lesson incorporates opportunities for Multilingual Learners to share their thinking and practice oral language in English. The content matches up to prior learning they have done in Spanish.
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Strategy Overview: Organizing Learning Experiences

This resource provides extensive guidance on how teachers can use children’s interests to organize learning activities around themes, studies, or projects. Themes, studies, or projects help to integrate language and content learning for Multilingual Learners and provide them with extended opportunities to give language and content meaning.
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Presentation Slides: Organizing Instruction for Explicit Skill Transference

This slide deck presentation was used to present research and provide examples on how language skills can transfer from Spanish to English.
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Video: Transfer and Integrated ELD in a Bilingual Classroom

The teacher in this bilingual classroom makes an intentional plan to develop literacy and oral language skills in two languages. She begins content instruction in Spanish to strengthen Multilingual Learners' understanding of key concepts, and then purposefully transitions to an integrated ELD block to offer speaking and writing practice in English.
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Video: Integrated & Designated ELD- 2nd grade

In this integrated ELD video, the teacher uses numerous structured supports, visual cues, and small grouping strategies throughout the lesson. Multilingual Learners have multiple opportunities to practice hearing, reading, speaking, and writing academic English language.
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Video: How to Support Concepts in Home Language

This resource discusses how previewing and reviewing learning material in the home language can support Multilingual Learners’ content learning. Previewing concepts in the home language helps to activate and build background knowledge prior to teaching concepts in English.
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