Additional ELD strategies

8E) Background knowledge in home language

Preview concepts in the home language to activate and build background knowledge, prior to teaching new content in English.

Website: Amigos Bilingües

This website offers many video read-alouds in both Spanish and English. Many of the texts can be found in both languages, allowing the teacher to preview content in a home language and then let students transfer that knowledge to the text in their second language.
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Video: Model Curriculum for English Learners – Weathering and Erosion (3rd grade)

A multilingual teacher uses numerous supports in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to develop the content understandings of beginner Multilingual Learners.
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Video: That’s How You Say It/Asi se dice- 2/3rd grade

Students learn both literal and conceptual translation skills by engaging in the "That's How You Say It/Asi se dice" strategy. The teacher assigns students to strategic groups and chooses a specific passage of text for them to translate. Students have the opportunity to negotiate word meanings and compare and contrast their two languages as they work together to write and share their translation.
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Video: Transfer and Integrated ELD in a Bilingual Classroom

The teacher in this bilingual classroom makes an intentional plan to develop literacy and oral language skills in two languages. She begins content instruction in Spanish to strengthen Multilingual Learners' understanding of key concepts, and then purposefully transitions to an integrated ELD block to offer speaking and writing practice in English.
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Strategy Overview: Sentence Patterning Chart / La tabla de formación de oraciones

This resource introduces a strategy to model and write good descriptive sentences with Multilingual Learners. It combines language-based supports with opportunities for children to practice academic vocabulary and apply it to structured, content-based writing.
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Video: Bilingual Provider Preview and Review

In this video, a teacher explains how to preview books in children’s home languages. The teacher introduces and explains new vocabulary words and reads a text in the child's home language before reading the text in English. The teacher also uses the home language to preview concepts to activate and build background knowledge.
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Video: How to Support Concepts in Home Language

This resource discusses how previewing and reviewing learning material in the home language can support Multilingual Learners’ content learning. Previewing concepts in the home language helps to activate and build background knowledge prior to teaching concepts in English.
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Video: When and What to Support in Home Language

This resource discusses how to reinforce target words and provide language-rich experiences to help give language meaning and purpose. Teachers can support content learning throughout the day by previewing concepts in the home language to activate and build background knowledge.
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