Key Takeaways from the Multilingual Learning Toolkit Survey (Fall 2023)

Early Edge California

Since the Multilingual Learning Toolkit (MLT) was launched in September 2021, Early Edge California (Early Edge) has remained committed to ensuring that the website is a widely used resource for P-3 practitioners. Early Edge gathered feedback on the usability and overall user experience with navigating the MLT in Fall 2023 through a survey that was launched to the website’s mailing list.

Insights from our first-ever Multilingual Learning Toolkit Survey

Early Edge received a total of 64 survey responses, gaining insights from our key audiences of administrators, educators, and institutions of higher education (IHE) faculty. 

Participants shared feedback related to the usability and overall experience with the MLT. The following themes emerged from the data collected:

  • User experience is generally positive
    • When asked “How would you rate the overall user experience on the Multilingual Learning Toolkit website, on a scale of 1 to 5? (1=Poor, 5=Excellent)”, the majority of our participants (70.77%, or 46 out of 64) replied that their experience is a 5, or Excellent.
  • Our users are busy people with limited time to browse our website to search for what they are looking for.
  • Our users have to go through a lot of content (by clicking multiple links or navigating through many pages or reading through a lot of text) to access the information that they are looking for, and they find it difficult to retrieve it again in a later visit.

By reviewing, analyzing, and synthesizing the data, Early Edge learned key insights from users that have presented new opportunities for enhancing the current user experience on the website.

New updates on the website

Thanks to the invaluable feedback from practitioners who completed the survey, the Early Edge team is excited to share the following new updates to the Multilingual Learning Toolkit:

  • The homepage received a refresh, as our team revisited the content to streamline the overall navigation process.
  • We added prompts throughout the website to encourage users to visit the Resource Search page and to create a free account to curate resources in a personal Favorites Library.
  • To address our users’ limited time to review resources, we added the option to filter by time to the Resource Search page filters and added the reading time on all of the resource tiles on the website.

If you missed out on the opportunity to participate in the survey but would still like to share your feedback, please email us at—we would love to hear from

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