Building educators’ capacity

11I) Site language and learning goals

Articulate the site’s language and learning goals for ML children.

Guidebook: Engaging ELL Families-Twenty Strategies for School Leaders

This document offers clear information and actionable steps for school administrators to take to connect with families of Multilingual Learners.
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Strategy Overview: Celebrating Bilingualism-Pathways to Biliteracy

This document offers a variety of examples for both classroom and school-wide implementation for a Seal of Biliteracy. Now that a biliteracy seal is available in California and other U.S. states, offering high-quality bilingual materials and structuring opportunities to celebrate bilingualism with students and families can begin as early as PreK.
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Video: Hands-On Work with Planning Tools for Personalized Oral Language Learning (POLL)

This video explains how administrators can support teachers' use of oral language strategies. By supporting teachers in planning, administrators can create a site-wide culture that values dual language learning.
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