Building educators’ capacity

11D) Reflection tools

Develop self-reflection skills on your own by seeking out assessment tools and checklists.

Reflection Tool: Dual Language Learner Supports

This self-reflection tool helps teachers develop their self-reflection skills and think about how they are supporting Multilingual Learners in their classroom. Coaches and teachers can use the tool to review instructional practices, identify children’s strengths, and plan for next steps.
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Policy Brief: Culturally Responsive Teaching

This downloadable policy brief dives into the research and discussion of 8 competencies for culturally responsive teaching. An infographic on the website offers a good preview of the content.
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Checklist: Diversity of Experiences

This simple checklist helps teachers identify the diversity across a classroom of learners. Reflecting and gathering information about family and student backgrounds helps build relationships and trust.
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Template: Self-Reflection Tool and Roles in Supporting Children’s Oral Language Development

This resource helps teachers reflect on the multiple roles they play in supporting children’s oral language development. The tool asks teachers about their use of practices such as maintaining and promoting conversations, asking a variety of questions, talking about books, and working with families.
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