Building educators’ capacity

11M) Provide additional supports for teachers

Provide additional supports for teachers, such as:
o Support for teachers to participate in professional development (e.g., paid time for PD outside of the classroom, substitute support, embedded support).
o Opportunities for teachers who speak a language other than English to receive PD (or additional support) in their preferred language.
o Supports for teaching assistants and paraprofessionals.
o Classroom materials for their use in a variety of languages.
o Translation and interpretation support, such as community members, advocates, and learning tools
o Classroom materials connected to the content for use in a variety of languages.

Policy Brief: Processes and challenges in identifying learning disabilities among students who are English language learners in three New York State districts

This policy brief from the State of New York offers helpful case studies about the process and procedures associated with identifying Multilingual Learners with disabilities. This information can help educators establish protocols to support students with dual status.
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Downloadable Book: Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education

This book is a reliable tool for planning, self-reflection, and continual improvement of dual language programs. Content covers program and curriculum development and builds knowledge of dual language development with an asset-based view of linguistic diversity.
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